2016 Taiwan Gay Pride Parade in NY

pridefloatheaderHELP Taiwan be represented at the 2016 New York Gay Pride Parade! Did you know that Taiwan is the home of Asia’s largest Gay Pride parade? But the last time there was a float representing Taiwan in the New York Pride Parade was in 2010! There hasn’t been a Taiwan float these past couple of years because registration fees and the cost of a putting together a float are quite high. Now more than ever, in the wake of the June 12th shooting at the Orlando nightclub Pulse, we need to show our support for the LGBT community.

Taiwanese American community organizer Borcheng Hsu decided to personally pay out of his own pocket to register and rent a float for Taiwan in the New York Pride March, which is coming up on Sunday, June 26th. Throughout his many years of work within the Taiwanese American community, Borcheng has made many queer Taiwanese friends who have taught him about the struggles of the LGBT community. The fight for equality for the LGBT community in the United States and Taiwan has not been an easy one. But there is hope that with the growing legalization of gay marriage and a new leader in Taiwan, things are now changing. And that’s why he’d like to see Taiwan represented at this year’s New York Pride Parade.

Borcheng is now running a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to help him cover all the expenses mentioned above and additional fees related to the parade and float preparation. If you’d like to help support this important cause, you can make a contribution or simply share it with others: https://www.gofundme.com/TaiwanPrideNYC

Funds raised will be used to cover the following expenses: registration fee, flatbed truck rental, other truck-related expenses (decorations, fuel and cleanup), and the printing of signage and promotional flyers for distribution.

Help keep the momentum going and to let people know that Asia’s largest Gay Pride Parade in Taiwan is coming up on October 29th. Borcheng and his crew can’t thank you enough for your generous support and for making this happen!

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