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Founded in 2006, TaiwaneseAmerican.org is a web portal site highlighting many of the interesting people, events and organizations that make up Taiwanese America. It is both a volunteer-driven website and a non-profit organization that intends to connect and promote those who identify with the Taiwanese identity, heritage, or culture. By establishing our niche within the broader Asian Pacific American and mainstream communities, we hope to collectively contribute to the wonderful and diverse mosaic that America represents.


To connect, inform and promote the people, events and organizations that represent the next generation of the Taiwanese American community.


To create an allied community for Americans of Taiwanese heritage by intersecting the diverse paths and passions of all our people.

Our Values

Though all of us have varying experiences and differing viewpoints we believe in the common ground that brings us together as one segment of America. Here at TaiwaneseAmerican.org, our staff believes in the strength that comes from community. We know that there is value in expressing a collective identity. But most important of all, we believe in individual awesomeness. We do what we can to highlight the unique experiences of Taiwanese Americans knowing that we are also preserving and archiving an evolving history and legacy. Ultimately, we  hope to inspire folks around us to be awesome! Join us in this journey as we grow community.