Grateful for Family & Friends #TaiwaneseThanksgiving

WE’RE GRATEFUL FOR YOU! And for what our Taiwanese American heritage and culture have given us… especially how it influences our American holiday traditions and food experiences. We asked for your photos showing how you celebrate #TaiwaneseThanksgiving, and we were impressed! Check out some of the submissions below.


This American holiday is all about spending time with and appreciating family, and when you get together, you’ve got to take a photo… It’s a given that the most senior are up front and center! Or at the head of the table!

Susan Chang All the traditional Thanksgiving items plus you fan, my dad’s spring rolls and green beans with an Asian flair.

Lisa Chiu Thanksgiving part 2: Taiwanese American version. #turkey #mashedpotatoes #sweetpotatoes #broccoli #chinesebroccoli #foodcoma #TaiwaneseThanksgiving

Carolyn Chen I hosted my first Thanksgiving meal for my parents (the Chens) and sister and brother-in-law and their four kids (the Moks) at my home in Oakland, CA. I prepared a traditional roasted turkey and mashed potatoes while guests brought sparkling cider, squash, jap chae noodles, asparagus and fish, pineapple fruit, and cherry and pecan pies. Afterwards, we celebrated one of my nephews’ birthday and played a game of Monopoly.

Whether you prefer turkey or duck, what’s on the inside matters, too! Some might argue that it’s the tastiest part! Oh, do we like a certain stuffing or what?!

@meowtaintime got my #TaiwaneseThanksgiving pants on. What’s more Taiwanese American than 油飯 sticky rice stuffing? #bestofbothworlds

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang Sticky rice stuffing w at least 8 treasures: Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms, wheat glutens, pressed tofu, fresh soybeans/edamame, jiu tsai, sweet potato, golden raisins… (Rice from Rf Koda farms of course) #taiwanesethanksgiving

Anna Chang Nestler Hi! Here is a picture of the sticky rice I made for Thanksgiving. I used the recipe from your cookbook and it was delish!

Gravy or Cranberry Sauce? Mmmm!

@gracehwanglynch Added a few jujubes and ginger slices to my cranberry sauce. #taiwanesethanksgiving #thanksgiving #cranberry #cranberrysauce #cooking #homecooking #asianamerican

Gather the relatives and friends around the dinner table or self-serve around the kitchen counter. No fancy meal or potluck is complete without all the extra dishes–from rice noodles to stir fried veggies–to add a nice Asian American twist.

@poisoniivy Grandpa Chen’s mi fen and grandma Chou’s sticky rice.

@missericalee7 This past week was a much-needed break. I’m so thankful for all the good food and even more amazing people in my life ❤️🦃🍜 #taiwanesethanksgiving #bestofbothworlds

Sylvia Lin This is our Thanksgiving feast. My mom’s maifun is on the other side.

@rayacooks Happy Friendsgiving! Moving away from your relatives means lots of holidays spent with amazing family friends. I’m a big advocate for vegetables at potlucks. Today we had sautéed green beans, baked zucchini, and broiled brussel sprouts. Do you see that brown pork dish on the right? It’s Hakka salted pork! #rayacooks #TaiwaneseThanksgiving #cleaneats #realfood #freshingredients #justcook #homemade #easyeats #produce #eatclean #simple #simplerecipes #bayareabuzz #homechef #mealprep #mealprepping #mealplan #mealplanning #eathealthy #自己煮 #健康 #簡單

@letsmochaAunt Evonne’s epic ham, mashed potatoes and gravy by @derekthewang and Chinese food #taiwanese #thanksgiving #sgv #taiwaneseamerican #taiwanesethanksgiving

It’s also the time to break out the family recipes and comfort foods!

Wayne Hsieh Here is a photo of my Taiwanese Thanksgiving having my homemade wine chicken. And the traditional Taiwanese lun bing.

Don’t forget: Whether you’re in the U.S. or Taiwan, there are vegetarian and vegan options, too!

@vegan_dandan #Vegan #TaiwaneseThanksgiving is the best kind of thanksgiving. #Tempehsausage with tomato gravy #cabbagemashedpotatoes and Minnesota #wildrice. Super grateful for veg and veg-friendly friends, and @the_veganjoj for being in town so we had an excuse to get together xD #noanimalswereharmed #alliumfree #vegantaiwan #vegantaipei #veganthanksgiving

And, if you’re in Taiwan, be thankful that you can gather all your American friends and networks and do what the Taiwanese do best: Treat each other like family and eat too much!

@anchortaiwan Happy Thanksgiving weekend! We were totally spoiled at the Anchor apartment in Taipei with some Anchor (Entrepreneurial & Creative Residency in Asia) members cooked up a storm! So thankful to have this awesome group of people – “I don’t have friends, I got family.” 😎 #friendsgiving #fastandfurious

And, to top it off, how can we forget dessert? Sometimes you have to hop on your (Taiwanese Gogoro) scooter to transport pumpkin pie the Taiwanese way. You can fit an entire family on this ride, y’know.

@kejmad #TaiwaneseThanksgiving

The food celebrations and gatherings go on all weekend long. And we all know, it’s never complete without family or friends around the hot pot.

@twfoodiedeb Day after thanksgiving – Hot Pot!!!! Food coma day 2. This used to be our holiday meal growing up – now we just make room for both traditional and Taiwanese meals #family #sofull #taiwanesethanksgiving

Then, after the weekend comes to an end, what are you going to do with the leftovers? How about a smooth bowl of rice porridge to start the next day!

@teamdarrow #teamdarrowcooks | #MamaRuan | the tradition continues, post #thanksgiving #turkey #stickyrice #riceporridge ✌🏻 #nomnomnom #whatdiet

Hungry again? So are we. Let’s see more of your #TaiwaneseThanksgiving photos!

CONTRIBUTE PHOTOS FOR NEXT YEAR. Tag your photos with #TaiwaneseThanksgiving, and we’ll search for them each and every year!

This year’s contest asked for your food photo that, in some way, alluded to Taiwanese or Asian influences. We appreciate that our participants allowed us to reshare their photo(s) through our website or social media channels.

*EDIT* Congrats to this year’s winners, Ivy C., Darice D., and Kayleigh M., who will each receive either a Taiwanese Homestyle Cookbook or Stinky Tofu T-shirt.

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