September 13th | Keep Taiwan Free Movement in NYC!

Photo Credit: MengLing Hsieh

Despite being one of the world’s youngest successful democracies, Taiwan continues to be excluded from the United Nations. Among many consequences, that means Taiwan is unable to fully participate in and contribute its resources to global institutions such as the World Health Organization and forced to enter international competitions under the name of “Chinese Taipei.”

Keep Taiwan Free and its annual rally promotes peace, security, democracy and human rights in Taiwan and seeks to help the 23 million people of Taiwan achieve full recognition and equal treatment in the international community.

WHAT: Keep Taiwan Free is an annual rally born from the long-time movement to gain Taiwan membership into the United Nations. For over 20 years, Taiwanese Americans and supporters in the greater New York area have come together every September (before the General Assembly convenes at the UN Headquarters in NYC) to engage and raise awareness about Taiwan’s history and current situation.

WHEN: Saturday, September 13th, 2014 @ 1 – 4 pm

WHERE: Times Square, NYC


  • Attend the Keep Taiwan Free rally | September 13th, 2014, 1 – 4 pm in Times Square, NYC (Facebook Event Page).
  • Spread the Word | Not in the New York area? Like the Keep Taiwan Free page, stay informed and tell your New York area friends!
Photo Credit: Chris Nicodemo
Photo Credit: Psyop

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