Taiwanese Films at NY’s Asian American International Film Festival

Dates: July 15 – 24, 2010
Location: Venues around NYC
Website: http://aaiff.org/2010

TaiwaneseAmerican.org is proud to be a community sponsor of the 33rd Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF10). The Centerpiece Presentation is the film “Au Revoir Taipei” by Taiwanese American filmmaker Arvin Chen, who we featured in a recent Spotlight earlier this year. [Filmmaker Arvin Chen Greets the World with “Au Revoir Taipei”]

This year, the festival returns with an exciting new line up of films consisting of 24 features and 71 shorts films divided into 10 presentations. This year, the AAIFF10 will run from July 15 through July 24, 2010 at various venues throughout New York City. In addition to screenings, AAIFF10 will host special workshops, panels, and exciting after parties. To stay updated on the AAIFF10, visit the website (aaiff.org/2010), become a fan (facebook.com/aaiff), or follow us on twitter (@aaiff).

TaiwaneseAmerican.org is proud to co-present these Taiwan-specific short film programs:

Eye on Taiwan
Taiwan, one of the top ten most densely populated islands in the world, teems with a dynamic society and culture. In this series of Taiwanese films, young up-and-coming filmmakers urge audiences to consider a range of social and political issues. Amidst rapid economic and social development, these films explore the plights of the elderly, foreign laborers, and struggling farmers. They also examine the struggles of Taiwan’s youth as they attempt to reconcile burdens imposed by a demanding society with their hopes for a brighter future.


Taipei 24 H
What does a day look like in Taipei? Taipei 24H invites eight directors to employ their innovative styles and distinct perspectives to create a filmic essay of Taipei City. This special program is partitioned off into eight time frames and shows what events unfold throughout the course of the day. In this collection of films, Taipei is depicted as a place that can be at once absurd and playful, dreamlike and gritty.


And don’t miss the festival’s Centerpiece Presentation:

Au Revoir Taipei
Developed from his short film Mei, Bay Area-bred Arvin Chen’s feature debut explores Taipei at night. The film follows the lovelorn Kai (Jack Yao), recently dumped by his girlfriend Faye, who has left for Paris. Devastated, Kai parks himself on the floor of a local bookstore to learn French on the cheap. There he meets Susie (Amber Kuo), the shopkeeper who expresses an interest in the brokenhearted boy. Enticed by the idea of surprising his ex in Paris, Kai takes out a loan from a retiring gangster, Bao (Frankie Gao), who in return asks Kai to retrieve a unexplained package. But only if it were that easy. Bao’s gangster wannabe nephew, Hong (Lawrence Ko), cooks up a haphazard scheme to intercept the package, unaware that the police already have their eyes on the entire operation, thus sending Kai and Susie in an adventure through the cityscape of Taipei.


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