Cast Your Vote for NYC Cravings!

If you’re Taiwanese American, there is a 95% chance you’re already a foodie, and thus you’ve probably heard of the Food Network’s hit show “The Great Food Truck Race.” For next season, NYC Cravings, a Taiwanese-style food truck previously spotlighted here, is in the running to claim a spot! They’ll need lots of love though, so please cast your vote on the Food Network contest page!

1. Click the above link.
2. In the drop down LOCATION menu, select “New York, NY”.
3. Below the map, in the “Trucks in this Area” drop down menu, select “NYC CRAVINGS”!!!!
You might have to register, unless you’re a true foodie and already signed up 🙂

To learn more about NYC Cravings, visit their website here, or follow them (literally!) on Twitter! Beware: visiting website will make you hungry.

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  1. I am not a Taiwanese American but I am still a foodie. Our office loves the NYC Cravings cart. I am glad to see they are trying out for the next season. I really think they could win it all. I just gave them 10 votes today and I’ll give them 10 more tomorrow!

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