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Screening: Our Youth in Taiwan (St. Louis)

September 30, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Stories of bidding farewell to one’s youth and growing up are commonplace. The dream shared by the protagonists in the film is to build a better country by rebelling against the establishment. However, their fight becomes part of history in the turbulent relations between Taiwan and China. A Taiwanese student movement star, who fights against China, a celebrity Chinese student, who loves Taiwan, and I, a Taiwanese documentary filmmaker passionate about politics. Clashes should come between us, but we find the possibility of collaborating with each other in the social movements. After the biggest social movement in Taiwan in the past 24 years had taken place, we came close to realising our goals but gradually we were let down again. Is it still possible for us to continue fighting for the ideals we had been pursuing?
告別青春、走向成熟的故事,總是發生在世界各地的年輕生命裡。本片主角們的青春夢想,是藉由反抗體制,追求一個更好的國家,卻在動盪的兩岸關係裡,變成歷史的一部份。 一個反抗中國的台灣學運明星、一個喜愛台灣的中國學生、一個政治狂熱的台灣紀錄片工作者,他們之間理應充滿矛盾,卻在社會運動裡找到合作的可能性。在一場台灣24年來最大型的社會運動之後,他們從接近成功的巔峰,逐漸墜入失望的谷底,曾經堅持的理想,還有可能延續嗎?


Washington University in St. Louis