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Screening: Lost Black Cats – 35th Squadron Movie

September 28, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm



It took Director Johnathon six years and numerous traveling between China, Taiwan, and US to finish the documentary film “Lost Black Cats – 35th Squadron”. The spotlight focuses on Taiwan-US collaborative “Project Razor” and one secretive yet significant squadron – Black Cats, former 35th squardron airforce.



Fulfilled with highlights in the film, ensuring satisfying viewing for military weapon fans and history enthusiastic, it entails declassified secretive missions, top aviators, and U-2 spy plane, one of the most difficult plane to master. Another highlight is the wounds and sorrow it bears — Aviators risked their lives during training (nearly 10 deaths); after training, they could be captured could die by missile strikes. The unsettling void created by the simplistic touch revealing wounds enlarges itself. On top of it, as a documentary film spinning on KMT-Communist civil war, the issues evolving around it, be it plain obvious or well hidden, are of high significance to viewers caring about Taiwan.

「中共是敵人嗎?到中國出任務會覺得像回家嗎?」當成員被問及於此,進而觸碰兩岸關係;答案幾乎沒有懸念,「是敵人」。那時,身在軍隊,如此對峙,一切必須分明。那現在呢?話沒有問出口。有家人在中國的,已經可以頻繁往來;所忠於的政黨,恰有與從前相反的政見;世界離開得很快,是否自己被留在原地?明知故問的事是個錨點,停在受訪者剛好在軍隊,出了任務,想要活下來的這個時候。歷經俘虜二十年,被釋放之後卻無法回國,論及被拒絕的原因,他們則歸因為:因為蔣介石更秉持著軍人該「不成功便成仁」的態度。不得歸來的1982年,是「先總統」的軍魂遺毒?還是即便時移境遷,自己仍被留在那個60年代的怨?敵人若不再是敵人,那背叛你的國家呢?」 ~放映週報,焦點影評

“Is Communist China enemy? Do you feel like you are going back home on the spy mission to China?” When asked these questions, further touching cross strait relations, they answered without any hesitation: they are enemy! Then, enlisted in the army, which side you are fighting for is deadly clear. How about now? There is no answer to such question. For those who still get family in mainland China, they can visit each other and interact with each other frequently and easily. The party they fought with their lives for is acting with an opposite stand than before. The whole world moves on to the next game rapidly and they wonder if they are the only ones left behind and stuck in the past. The anchor point dwells within the quadrant where the interviewers went on missions for the army, trying to survive in any way possible, and yet after being captured for 20 years, they could not go back to the country who asked them to risk their lives. They think the reason being the attitude from Kai-shek Chiang goes as “If you fail a mission you should not have come back alive” The 1982 they cannot go back to their country, is it the remaining toxin from the “former great leader”, or is it the hatred with whole world moving forward, they are still left stuck in 1960? When enemy is no longer viewed as enemy, what says you on the country that turns its back on you?

*本活動支持NY4HK活動,於放映座談結束後, 會邀請香港朋友來花十五分鐘分享他們的行動與理念。

The event runs by a studio/group supporting NY4HK. After the showing and director discussion with audience, our HK friends will have the stage to pitch their activity and voice to us.


September 28, 2019
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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13744 Northern Boulevard
13744 Northern Boulevard
Queens, NY 11354
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