Sunflower Movement Student Leaders Tour in CA, DC, and NY

Several key leaders of Sunflower Movement in Taiwan are on tour throughout the US to talk about the current political landscape.

On March 18th 2014, civic groups and student demonstrators stormed Taiwan’s parliament floor to protest the government’s ratifying a controversial trade agreement with China without proper democratic processes. The sit-in, known as the Sunflower Movement, demanded that the government be accountable to the people, and lasted over 20 days.

The occupation ended, and the Movement still continues! As some of the leaders travel to the United States from Taiwan, they will present speeches in CA, DC, and NY on 8/18, 8/22, and 8/27.

The discussion will be primarily based in Mandarin.

Tour Locations (more forthcoming)
CA event:
DC event:
NY event:

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