Introducing the Next Chapter of the Taiwanese American Student Movement: JTASA

2010 has been an exciting year for Taiwanese America… from the release of Formosa Betrayed to the 2010 Taiwanese Census campaign to TACL’s 25th anniversary.

Now, there’s one more thing to add to the mix.

Behold JTASA, the Junior Taiwanese American Student Association. Born in the minds of two high school students and an ambitious camp director, after a summer’s worth of sweat, tears, and high blood pressure, JTASA has finally materialized as a national high school organization designed to connect Taiwanese American high school students and guide them to become future leaders in their communities.

In collaboration with TACL (Taiwanese American Citizen’s League) JTASA will introduce volunteer and networking opportunities as well as several scholarships and internships to members while increasing awareness of Taiwanese culture and heritage. In an effort to encourage high school students across America to start their own JTASA, co-founders Monica Chen and John Wang and National JTASA Advisor Jason Tsai have created a JTASA handbook that breaks down the club-building process step-by-step. Each chapter provides insight and tips to crafting the ultimate Taiwanese culture club, including resources such as interactive forms and lists of icebreaker games members can play during meetings.

In addition, for the first five high schools to form a proven and successful JTASA, and TACL will both each offer $100 as start-up seed funding for your chapter!

To get started, fill out the JTASA charter form located at:

Download the JTASA handbook to help you plan the initial stages:

E-mail with any questions or concerns and be sure to check their still-under-construction website at as well as their Youtube channel at

2 Responses to “Introducing the Next Chapter of the Taiwanese American Student Movement: JTASA”

  1. Jason Tsai

    Such a heartwarming vid, our hope is that the 5 founding schools jump up soon to help build a Taiwanese America through community service. I’m so happy for our young leaders monica, John, and the board members of pvhs jtasa. 6 months ago it seemed like a dream, next month is the press conference

  2. Te-Hao Kio Chiu, a LID Camp Counselor has volunteered to donate another $500 if this video gets 5,000 hits!!!!!! The money will be split among the FIRST FIVE JTASA chapters formed.
    SPREAD THE WORD AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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