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Meet Fili, an expat blogger who previously spent two years living in Taiwan (Taipei and Tainan). During his time there, he and other Taiwan bloggers created a community to help expats and tourists find high quality information in English. The result? Handy websites that include travel/culture guides and forum advice: Taiwanderful and iTainan. Fili also blogs about his travels at Filination and has posted a few hundred entries about Taiwan travel and Taiwanese culture. Although he currently lives in Hong Kong pursuing his PhD, he still considers Taiwan one of his favorite places and “very much like home.”

On Taiwanderful, he and one of the original founders, David Reid, started a Taiwan blog awards in 2008, and since then, it has become an annual event highlighting the best of Taiwan’s English blogosphere and promoting Taiwan bloggers. David Reid has since returned to Australia, and Fili currently runs the award competition with photographer Craig Ferguson. recently came across a post on Fili’s website, Filination, showcasing some of his personal favorite blogs for 2011. With his permission, we have reprinted portions of the original post below. Read the full post and check out his website at:

But before you become biased when exploring the links below, be sure to take a moment to explore the other 80+ wonderful Taiwan websites they’ve been tracking. Then take a moment to vote for your favorite on the 2011 Taiwan Best Blog Award website before December 30th:

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By: Fili

It pains me greatly to admit it, but it’s been over 2 years since I’ve moved from Taiwan to Hong Kong. Still, a connection remains as I somehow manage to maintain links to Taiwan by following up on Taiwan’s finest blogs. In Taiwanderful we’re currently running the 4th annual Best Taiwan Blog Awards which is our greatest opportunity to show tribute to the blogs we follow and adore. It always blows my mind just how many high quality expat bloggers there are on this very small expat rare island.

So, after inviting you to vote for your favorite Taiwan blogs and encouraging the bloggers to share some link love with writing a post of their favorite Taiwan blogs, I’ll quickly point out my favorite Taiwan blogs. Some classics persist and have been fantastic over a course of a few years, but there are a few new additions.


By far, my favorite category and the blogs I retweet and read through Google Reader. These blogs make me unbelievably jealous and incredibly regretful of having to leave Taiwan.

Relationships & Cultural observations

I love cross cultural observations, and these blogs do it so well. Don’t miss any of MKL’s and YFFM’s posts…


This is a category not very often blogged about, but I’m very happy that there is one business blog that connects both of my former homes with such a passion.


After so many years of taking photos you would expect I would know something about photography. I really don’t, but I am getting better over the years. In the last year I’ve taken my fake photographer skills to a new level by carrying around a DSLR and buying an all-around-superzoom-photographers-despise-people-who-use-it-18-270mm lens. Which is why I’m very envious of the wonderful photographer-bloggers in this following category. I don’t really know how they do it, but I’m hoping at some point we’ll meet up and I’ll learn a trick or two (though it could be I simply lack the touch).


  • Hanjié’s Blog – My Tainan local pal, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times. Helps me with iTainan. Does some amazing work on showing the lesser known areas of Taiwan, has really upgraded his photography over the last couple of years to produce some really great work.
  • Taiwan In Cycles – Darn. I need to get me a bike.
  • My Several Worlds – Not as Taiwan specific as she used to, but always a pleasure to read. A blogger with a golden heart.
  • – Been following the Bushman forever. He definitely does things differently and he’s got quite a character. Inspiring.
  • – Opinions – Though it’s a government site, some of the articles there are fantastic.
  • Steven Crook – Every place needs a freelance writer like Steven. Incredibly prolific writer.
  • Ilha Formosa – Alt om Taiwan – Does a great job of promoting all that’s Taiwan.
  • Patrick Cowsill – Visiting places you don’t normally see on blogs.


  • The View from Taiwan – When it comes to blogging – Michael is everything and everywhere. Politics, travel, biking, cultural observations, you name it – he’s got it. Definitely one of Taiwan’s top bloggers with his blog serving as an ongoing tribute to the island.
  • shuflies (舒飛) :: life in Taiwan – American Taiwan view of Taiwan. Not your typical Taiwan angle.
  • OZSoapBox – A very diverse set of topics covered here. Always interesting.



I feel so out of touch with what’s going on with Taiwanese politics, but these blogs help me through it. If you need to keep track of the upcoming elections, make frequent visits to the following :

New blogs I’ve (re)discovered through the …

Best Taiwan Blog Awards

… which I think are impressive and I’ll be following from now on.

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