Launching the 100 Student Leaders Project! Know A Great One? Refer Them to Us!


After the success of our 100 Passionate People project, the staff of would like to introduce the next segment of the project: 100 Student Leaders!


We feel that student leaders are definitely an interesting cross section of our community who have vision and passion, but who rarely receive attention or recognition for their hard work. Thus, similar to the objectives of the 100 Passionate People project, we are now looking for 100 diverse and amazing student leaders willing to share their personal stories of community involvement.

Who are we looking for exactly?

– At minimum, they should be of Taiwanese heritage, preferably American citizens or residents.
– We’re looking for diverse students from all ages (junior high, high school, college, graduate school), from all walks of life (small town, big city), with various involvement (student government, small projects), and from all over the United States!
– They do not have to be a student leader within the Taiwanese American community; we here at recognize the value of exchanges and connections with other Asian American or even non-Asian groups. Unity is power, and if they have played an important role in ANY student organization / project in a capacity as a student leader, we want to highlight that.

So if someone you know is an impressive and inspiring student leader and you would like to see them featured on, send them this LINK: to our profile survey! It consists of 10 brief profile questions and will likely take 20-30 minutes of their time.

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