Check it! Taiwanese American Census PSA Video!, in conjunction with Slideshow Pictures and several 2nd generation Taiwanese American organizations, have launched a new Public Service Announcement video and web campaign supporting the recognition of the Taiwanese American community on the 2010 US Census!

Now we need your help to spread the word! Pass the link on. Add to your Facebook status. Tweet. Take action.

Jon Lee, the CEO of Slideshow Pictures, also serves as our West Coast Representative and Media & Production Director. Anna Wu, the website designer, also serves as our Managing Editor / Creative Director – so we’re really quite pleased with what the team, with the help of talented director Karen Lin, have created!

View the YouTube video here:

And don’t forget to check out all the cool info and details about the high-profile cast & crew, as well as learn about why this issue is important at all! Then find out how YOU can help our campaign, too! Some more versions of the video are forthcoming.

Check it out! Check it off. Be counted. Be recognized.

And no matter how you identify, whether Taiwanese or not, be sure to represent your own identity and community. This is important for all of us as Americans, and this is our only chance this decade.

Make it count.

VISIT the website:

THANKS to our sponsors and supporters:
Taiwanese American Citizens League
Taiwanese American Foundation
TACL-LYF: Leading Youth Forward
Taiwanese American Professionals – San Francisco
Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California

Can you donate today to support our campaign?

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