The Staff of Say “We Count!”

It’s officially Census Day in the United States! And our staff, board members, and partners (, tafLabs, TASC) celebrate our Taiwanese American identity by proudly saying, “we count, too!”

Did you catch our group photo on‘s recent 2010 census family portrait contest? Check it out here:

Accurate Census enumeration of Taiwanese Americans is extraordinarily important because the Census is the only potential source of data on the size, geographic distribution, and demographic characteristics of the Taiwanese-identifying population in the United States, and this in turn affects funding and representation for our community. Without an accurate count, there will be no concrete evidence that a substantial number of individuals in the U.S. identify as Taiwanese. Simply put, we need to be counted in the Census in order to prove our very existence.

The main issue in the US Census is the lack of an identification check box that allows us to easily identify ourselves as of Taiwanese descent. So, for now, we are the “Other Asian” and we need to declare our identity by writing in “TAIWANESE” in the 2010 Census.

Make a difference. Spread the word. It’s time to represent.

Visit our campaign website for more videos and info about the cast & crew:

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