[UPDATED] Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement

As the events of the Sunflower Student Movement unfold in Taiwan, we’ve compiled what we hope to be a comprehensive resource of up-to-date articles, analysis, live feeds, social media, and photos and footage of the protests. We know there are numerous other sources out there, so feel free to send us whatever you may find. Please continue checking back as the events of the movement unfold and as this list is continuously updated!

LAST UPDATED: 4/9/2014 11:18AM PST





  • NEWS ARTICLES (organized in alphabetical order by publication)
    • “Clashes as Taiwan students storm government HQ”, BBC News
    • “Mass protest held in Taiwan over against China trade deal”, BBC News
    • “Taiwan Students Occupy Legislature Over China Pact”, Bloomberg News
    • “Taiwan Protest Draws More than 100,000 Against China Trade Deal”, Bloomberg News
    • “Taiwan’s Ma Offers to Meet Student Leaders as Dispute Continues”, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    • “For Taiwan’s Embattled President, Awkward Similarities”, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    • “Taiwan Legislature occupiers’ ultimatum passes without response from government”, CNN
    • “Taiwan police clash with students in protests over trade deal”, CNN
    • “Manning the trade barriers”, The Economist
    • “On the antlers of a dilemma”, The Economist
    • “Taiwan stands behind use of force against protesters”, New York Times
    • “Large Crowds Fill Taipei Streets in Protest Over China Trade Bill”, New York Times
    • “Criticism, and Rare Words of Support, as China Watches Taiwan Protests”, New York Times
    • “Could Taiwan be the next Crimea?” Slate
    • “Hong Kong students join Taiwan sit-in”, South China Morning Post
    • “US committee urges support for Taiwan”, Taipei Times
    • “Lee Teng-hui supports students, constitutional conference”, Taiwan News
    • “The ‘Battle of Taipei’ Shows Just How Wary of China Young Taiwanese Are”, TIME
    • “Thousands in Taiwan protest China trade deal”, USA Today
    • “Taiwan’s ‘Sunflower Revolution’ Assaulted by Riot Police”, Vice News
    • “Taiwan Protesters Occupy Legislature Over China Trade Pact”, Voice of America
    • “Students Occupy Taiwan’s Legislature to Protest China Pact”, Photos, Wall Street Journal
    • “Taiwan Police Evict Protesters From Cabinet Building”, Wall Street Journal
    • “Taiwan Student Protesters Urge Island-Wide Strike”, Wall Street Journal
    • “Young Protesters Shaking Up Taiwan’s China Policy”, Wall Street Journal
    • “China trade pact foes occupy Taiwanese legislature”, Washington  Post
    • “TKACIK: Taiwan Struggles in China’s Trade Grip”, Washington Times
    • 3/29 Full text of President Ma’s press conference in response to the students’ demands


3 Responses to “[UPDATED] Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement”

  1. There’s another rally in SF on 3/29 (Saturday):

    時間/Time:3月29日 (星期六/Saturday)1 P.M.

    地點/Location:UN Plaza in San Francisco
    1150 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

    BART @ Civic Center Station
    Driving Civic Center Plaza Garage (355 McAllister St, San Francisco)

    1:00~3:00 pm 各學校與社團演講表達訴求,合唱/ group and students speeches, singing
    3:00~4:00 pm 遊行至union square再回到UN Plaza/march to Union Square

    We’re a group of bay area students and young professionals, who care about the future of Taiwan’s youth. We wish to unite all Bay Area Taiwanese groups with a rally covered by foreign media to let the world know what is happening in Taiwan.

    Please wear black, bring sunflowers, and prepare slogans and banners. Please invite all to participate.

  2. Kimberlee Chang

    There is also a DC Rally on 3/30 (SUN), 2pm in front of TECRO,
    for PA, Dc, Md, VA area Taiwanese.

    FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/698917443464594/

    4201 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016 (2pm)

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