2022 Taiwanese American Gift Guide: Shop your community!

If you’re a champion of MIT “Made in Taiwan” shopping principles (or if you need help brainstorming the perfect gift for your “I have everything I need” parents), may we suggest a peek into MBTA “Made by Taiwanese Americans.” We’re so proud to bring back this annual gift guide for the *third* time, highlighting Taiwanese American small businesses, brands, and creators. We know there’s more out there – reach out if that’s you at leona@taiwaneseamerican.org. We’re rooting for each of you!

See last year’s gift guide here.


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01 – HOW WE SAY I LOVE YOU, a debut picture book out now from @ncheny⁠
02 – The ultimate carryall tote from @notebooksandhoney⁠
03 – 14K Gold Filled Hand-Hammered Pearl Earrings from @a_touch_of_hue⁠
04 – NY-based pearls, stones, & recycled gold jewelry from @occasionally.sweet⁠
05 – The first specialty Taiwanese coffee roasted in the US – @theformosacoffee⁠
06 – Award-winning, evidence-based educational game “Empower Empathy” for social/emotional/life skills by @mytinysprouts⁠

A Jar of Pickles | Stationery, stickers, stamps, & more

“Hi, I’m Kirstie! A Jar of Pickles is my side business that I started as an Etsy shop in college.”

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Boba Clear Vinyl Sticker / Zongzi Sticky Rice Dumpling Vinyl Sticker

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Ann Sunn | Stickers, keychains, pins, & more

“I started my shop as a creative outlet, aimed to spark smiles, nostalgia, and happiness. I hope that my pins, stickers, and other small goodies reminds you of sentimental moments.”

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Mix & Match Sticker Bundle

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AJ Stickers | Vinyl stickers

“We’re three sisters in STEM that seeks to empower other women-in-STEM through our stickers while advocating for mental wellness. All of our stickers are designed by us and are made with weather-proof and tear-proof materials.”

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Dohua Vinyl Stickers

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Jane Li Co. | Prints & stickers

“I’m a Taiwanese American designer & illustrator with strong RBF (resting bitch face) and an equally strong snacking capacity. JaneLi.Co is a creative playground for me to experiment and make fun shit, so I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it!”

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Emotional Support Water Bottle Vinyl Sticker

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Laiberry | Prints, stickers, enamel pins, & more

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Jia You, Add Oil (3) Vinyl Stickers

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GUAVABABA | Stickers, t-shirts, & more

“GUAVABABA is a project by Taiwanese American Andrew Liu.”

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Dear Botanicals Co. | Handmade Artisan Soap

Born and raised in Canada by Taiwanese immigrant parents, I created Dear Botanicals to celebrate the beauty of the natural world I grew up with. From the oolong tea of my parents’ homeland to the scent of cedarwood from my Pacific Northwest childhood, I transform the essence of plants and flowers into beautiful objects that we can use to elevate our daily routines. Made by hand and always with great care in New England, my products make a cleansing shower into a joyous ritual. They turn constant hand washing into moments of pleasure. My products are 100% natural, small-batch, and an everyday luxury.”

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Sencha Soap

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Chuan’s Promise | Sustainable, natural skincare

“My dad’s entrepreneurial spirit always inspired me, and it was only through this experience that I realized I wanted to create something that would meet my needs and my values: an all natural, handcrafted, sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable skincare line. After a few months of research and testing, Chuan’s Promise was born.

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Complete Self-Care Set – 3 oz clay mask & accessories

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Love, Jude | Sheet masks born in California and made with love in Taiwan

“Love, Jude was founded by Taiwanese American skincare blogger Jude Chao. Jude launched her blog, Fifty Shades of Snail, with a review of Taiwanese sheet masks; since then, she’s maintained a 4-6 sheet masks a week habit. When the opportunity arose for her to start a beauty brand, she knew what she had to do: create the sheet masks of her dreams. In collaboration with Love Jude’s manufacturer in Taiwan, Jude developed a line of products that perfectly illustrates her ideal daily use masks. Love, Jude masks are highly effective but also highly affordable, so you can use them often. And they’re fun, because skincare should put a smile on your face.

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Calming sheet mask (currently sold out; other variants available)

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On TaiwaneseAmerican.org: Jude Chao: ‘Skin Care for your soul’ and sexy radishes


Sous Weed | The Weed Gummies Cookbook:

“This book is filled with my favorite confections with flavors inspired by my Taiwanese American background. With the encouragement of my publishers, I wrote, designed the book, and shot all the photos myself. It truly was a labor of love; I delivered the manuscript the same week I delivered my son.”

Buy The Weed Gummies Cookbook: Recipes for Cannabis Candies, THC and CBD Edibles, and More (Guides to Psychedelics & More)

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GUAVABABA | Stickers, t-shirts, & more

“GUAVABABA is a project by Taiwanese American Andrew Liu.”

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Formosa Coffee | Taiwan-grown, New York-roasted coffee

“The coffee beans we use come directly from our farms on the mountains of central Taiwan at an elevation of 3,500-4,000ft. Grown in volcanic soil, our beans produce an exquisitely smooth taste without the bitterness and strong acidity. It is a mild coffee perfectly balanced in flavor and aroma. We roast every order on the day of shipping in New York, which means you always get the freshest coffee at peak flavor.

Pictured Editor’s Pick: Premium Taiwan Coffee | $20 for 8oz.

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From TaiwaneseAmerican.org: The Formosa Coffee Brings Taiwan-grown Beans to US


Formosa Fine Chocolates | Belgian technique, American artistry, Taiwanese hospitality 

“We at Formosa Chocolates proudly produce luxury chocolates in the San Francisco Bay Area with Belgian technique, American artistry and tastes, and Taiwanese hospitality and gift-giving tradition. Whenever possible, we use local sustainably-sourced ingredients. We aim to create a stylish and sophisticated chocolate experience that gifters will be proud to present to recipients.”

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Notebooks & Honey | Small-batch brand selling the modern carryall tote

“’Notebooks’ referring to laptops, tablets, agendas, planners, actual notebooks and ‘honey’ referring to the babies, kids, adult kids and fur babies.” From an Atlanta-based Taiwanese American designer.

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