Roll Call: Supporting Taiwanese American Creators & Small Businesses During COVID-19

We’re feeling so inspired by Taiwan’s global leadership in managing and extending help for the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to prove that #TaiwanCanHelp, let’s also highlight the ways that #TAsCanHelp (Taiwanese Americans Can Help)! If you’re a Taiwanese American creator, small business, or organization, we’d love to hear about how we can support you – whether that’s by showcasing your online merch, tuning into your next livestream, or sharing your story. Please use our contact form below to share an anecdote/advice, or nominate a small business/organization we can highlight.

We’ll be sharing submissions/features from around our community in the post, updated daily. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, we are not affiliated with these businesses/organizations and do not receive commission if you choose to make a donation or purchase.

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Love Bao | Community Service

How they’re helping: Taiwanese restaurant Love Bao, based in North Carolina, donated 100 popcorn chicken bentos (YUM) to communities in need this week.

Eight Eight Six | Community Service

How they’re helping: Funded by community donations, Taiwanese restaurant 886 has been donating delicious bentos to local New York City hospitals. They’re also fundraising for their staff (link at their Instagram bio).

Madeleine Editions | Community Service

How they’re helping: Madeleine Editions, launched by Taiwanese American Eva Lou, is offering their entire award-winning collection of multimedia, multilingual stories for children 3-8 completely FREE until March 27th. Download them now via any Apple device, and they’re yours to keep forever.

Scanwell Health | Community Service

How they’re helping: Taiwanese American business owner Stephen Chen and his company are giving away free UTI testing kits (including free shipping) so that friends and family can test from home in an effort to alleviate hospital/emergency crowding.

TAP-Seattle | Community Service

How they’re helping: TAP‘s (Taiwanese American Professionals) Seattle chapter donated Taiwanese lunch boxes (from Monga Cafe) to EvergreenHealth’s health provider and staff.

TAFNC | Community Service

How they’re helping: TAFNC (Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California) donated face shields to local Bay Area hospitals!

View their website HERE!

YiFang Fruit Tea – Chinatown NY | Community Service

How they’re helping: YiFang Fruit Tea in Chinatown NY set up a GoFundMe where they raised money to send meals, drinks, and N95 masks to NYU Langone Tisch Hospital and to Harlem Hospital.


Kelly Lan & Hello Prosper | Creatives/Small Business

Ways to support: Follow their Instagram at @hello.prosper, and check out their online store, which includes 8×8 framed prints, coloring & conversational printables, and time capsule cards.

Cindy Chu & Creative Queens | Creatives/Small Business

Ways to support: Cindy’s Patreon supports her new podcast, CREATIVE QUEENS, which highlights women of color creatives, as well as her other screenwriting projects that are dedicated to better representing Asian Americans and WOC. QUEENS also has a merch store.

Lillian Liming Calligraphy | Creatives/Small Business

Ways to support: Lillian is a New York-based modern calligrapher who shares this beautiful art form through thoughtfully designed creative workshops and events. She has free printables on her website right now, as well as digital calligraphy worksheets for purchase.

Yardbird Entertainment & Peter Lin | Creatives/Small Business

Ways to support: Taiwanese American musician Peter Lin has an online store for his digital works, as well as a YouTube channel, Yardbird Entertainment, that hopes to bring jazz to a wider audience and empower other musicians to create opportunities in their own communities.

Formosa Fine Chocolates | Small Business

Ways to support: This luxury handcrafted chocolatier by Taiwanese American Kimberly Yang is still accepting online orders and local pickup in Emeryville, California!

Rayna Lo | Creatives/Small Business

Ways to support: Rayna is a Boston-based calligrapher, illustrator, and educator who explores and shares Taiwanese culture through teaching Chinese calligraphy classes and her avator character – Leon The BearBot. She has a free coloring page of Leon The BearBot on her website right now, as well as stickers for purchase.

Wear First | Small Business

Ways to support: Wear First is a Taiwanese-family owned apparel company selling primarily men’s shorts and t-shirts. Fun fact about the company: 25% of their employees have been with them since day 1 of when the brand was created, April 1994! Items on the site are currently all 30% off!

Stephanie Shih | Creatives

Ways to support: Stephanie Shih is a Taiwanese-American ceramist who explores Asian American nostalgia through recreating “the Chinatown grocery stores of [her] youth”. Visit her website to learn more!

Felicia Liang | Creatives/Small Business

Ways to support: Felicia Liang is a New York-based artist who shares Asian American food, travel, and culture through her illustrations. You can support her on her Etsy page!


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