When the World Met Taiwan: A Taiwanese Opera

In the 17th century, the Dutch East & West India Companies launched their simultaneous exploration of the Americas and Asia. While the Dutch West India Company built “New Amsterdam” on Manhattan Island, New York, “Fort Zeelandia” was established in today’s Tâilâm (Tainan in Mandarin), Taiwan under the rule of the Dutch East India Company.

When The World Met Taiwan “Koeh Hoâi-it” is a Broadway-style Taiwanese Opera that tells the story of a historical turning point of different ethnic groups in Taiwan and their interlinked struggle for the recognition of the land and the hope of survival. Come and see a group of young dramatists from Taiwan interpret the outbreak of the “Koeh Hoâi-It Incident” – when sickle and hoes shook up the foundation of the Dutch dominance – by combining traditional and modern performance art forms. The opera is performed in Taiwanese, with English and Mandarin subtitles.

The originating play, written by Dr. Nanfang Liu, won many Taiwanese playwright awards, premiered in Taipei’s Tōa-tiū-tiâⁿ Theater (大稻埕戲苑), followed by performances in cities such as Chionghòa (Changhua), Hûnlîm (Yunlin), Kohiông (Kaohsiung), Tâilâm and others.

Drama is without borders, performing arts are how people of different cultural backgrounds get to know and accept one another. Through Taiwan opera’s interpretation of the history, we strive to bring Taiwan to the world stage out of the memory of her colonial past and long for a harmonious future among all cultures.

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, 320 S. Mission Dr., San Gabriel, CA
Ticket prices are $100 and $50.
For tickets please visit http://www.tufusa.org

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