Taiwanese Dessert Madness 2016: The Sweet Sixteen Edition!

Image Credit: Dat Winning

Grab your popcorn (chicken), folks, and sit back …

In the Final Four (“F4” aka ‘ef-suh’), Shaved Ice and Bubble Tea went into massive Overtime where “Mango” Shaved Ice hit the final grass jelly shot to win the match in a thrilling Buzzer Beater.

Fan favorite underdog Wax “Lembuuu” Apple has been the Cinderella story of the season (Who knew fruit would make it this far??), but it ultimately fell to the mighty Dou Hua. #douhuasgothops

Stay tuned for the Championship announcement …


♦ SWEET SIXTEEN: As NCAA March Madness* heads into its final week, TaiwaneseAmerican.org launches its own lightning round of Taiwanese Dessert Madness: The Sweet Sixteen Edition!

Last year’s Taiwanese Food Madness tossed up entrees & small eats as Beef Noodle Soup battled Bahtzang in the final round (with an early upset by Popcorn Chicken over Oyster Omelet). This year, we have Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, Red Bean and wild card players from the Taiwan Fruit Conference (Sugar Apple whaaat?) … but our only question is–what will be the clutch dish?

Some people have asked why we included Taiwanese fruits. In the U.S., fruit isn’t really considered a dessert (other than a really lame one), but in Taiwan … ‪Taiwanese fruit‬ has got GAME, son.

♦ EDIBLE EIGHT: AIYOOOO, in our first major upset of the tournament, Aiyuuuu Jelly fells the mighty Mochi in a stunning buzzer beater! As the shot clock wound down over the nightmarket stands … queues were formed, spoons were thrown!

Aiyu’s fellow team in the Jelly Conference–Grass Jelly–made a strong early showing but ultimately conceded to Wax “Lembu” Apple, the only team to advance from the Fruit Conference. Both teams from Bean Conference also exited (goodbye, Red; goodbye, Mung). Lastly, Shaved Ice in a blow-out game against rookie Wheel Cake. Better luck next time, W.C.!

It’s come to our attention …

Coming up, it’s a #QQ chewy ball showdown with Taro Ball and Bubble Tea. Aiyu Jelly‘s made it this far but Dou Hua‘s got hops! #DOUHUASGOTHOPS

♦ FINAL FOOD: Holy mochi balls, Batman—Edible Eight was ATE and we down to the FINAL FOUR!

Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, Wax “Lembu” Apple and Dou Hua in a double header—folks, sit back and grab your popcorn chicken!

Coming into F4, Shaved Ice is like the GSW of the NBA but Bubble Tea did take down Taro Ball in the #QQ chewy ball showdown. Who knew fan favorite & underdog Wax “Lembuuuu” Apple would make it this far, but Dou Hua—winning over the Grass Jelly establishment—has shown us it’s got HOPS!

*For those unfamiliar with NCAA March Madness (the most exciting, heart attack-inducing basketball tournament)–this is a single-elimination (aka “sudden death”) college ‎basketball‬ tournament played every March in the U.S. to determine a Division 1 national college basketball champion. The “sudden death” aspect panics fans & often leads to many upsets and buzzer beater games. Some consider ‪‎March Madness‬ more exciting than the regular NBA season.


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