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Meet Treya — a Brooklyn-based musician recently discovered by Amazing Artists USA. From the moment you hear her sing the first note, the warmth and strength of her uniquely textured voice will resonate with your soul. Her “voice is compared to Fiona Apple, Billie Holliday and Nina Simone. [She…] has the power to move audiences to tears with her dynamic range, emotional depth, and grace.” Amazing CEO Paul Campbell signed her as the very first Amazing Artist, after which her first major show was playing Taiwan Music Night at SxSW 2015 alongside some of the biggest names in Taiwan, including Dwagie, OVDS, and Toffee. She captivated the audiences at SxSW which is leading to big plans in Taiwan, as well as the USA and the UK.’s Ho Chie Tsai chats with Treya about her personal story and journey through music. Her upcoming showcases in NYC and LA as a sponsored artist are only the beginning. She has plans to perform around and explore Taiwan in the near future. It is our pleasure to introduce an amazing artist, Treya!

Ho Chie: Hi Treya! It is such a pleasure to chat with you. We pride ourselves in knowing what’s happening in Taiwanese America, but you kind of popped out of nowhere! You’ve got an amazing voice! Tell us a little about yourself.

Treya: Hey Ho Chie! It’s great to connect with you and the Taiwanese American community, thanks for reaching out! I was born in Taiwan and raised in New York, just outside the city. I’ve been living in Brooklyn for the past few years and spent most of my time working within the hospitality industry. In my free time I did write and play music but kept it mostly to myself and friends. I was recently discovered by this amazing company which has supported me in transitioning to being a full time musician. With their help I am able to branch out a little more and be in contact with fine folks like yourself.

treya3H: And, we’re glad you’re putting yourself out there now! So many Taiwanese Americans have this shared experience of being encouraged by their parents to play the piano or violin. Is that something you relate with? How did you find your path in music?

T: Yes, not to fortify the stereotype, but I can relate to that, as I play piano and spent some time with the violin and viola. When I was about 3 my parents noticed that I spent a lot of time playing the piano they had in the basement and signed me up for lessons. When I was a little older I started playing the violin and was involved with the Childrens Orchestra Society on weekends. In high school I picked up the guitar and we’ve been pretty inseparable ever since. I feel incredibly fortunate to have music in my life, it’s what I love and it helps me make sense of everything that comes my way. Don’t know I found the path, I’ve just always been on it.

LISTEN to Treya’s Demos: “Still Here” and “The Ocean

H: So fortunate, indeed. Who have been your inspirations in music and in life?

T: I was a bit sheltered from popular culture when I was younger, my parents were a little strict in that regard. So I grew up listening to classical music and Frank Sinatra. These days I’m enchanted by Andrew Bird and Nina Simone. There is so much music out there and I try to experience as much as possible, anything that resonates I can draw from.

In life I’m just inspired by the people I meet. Between working in a New York hotel for a few years and making the time to travel I’ve come across quite a few characters. I’m a fan of those who are compassionate towards others and the environment we live in. You can find good people everywhere and I think that in itself is inspiring.

H: I completely appreciate how optimistic and hopeful you are. That in itself is so inspiring. So, I understand you hope to visit Taiwan in the near future. Have you ever been? What are you looking forward to?

T: The last time I was in Taiwan was over 10 years ago, I was around 12 years old and my memory of it is a bit rusty. I’m really most excited to check out the restaurants, the food at the night markets, and if I’m lucky maybe even a home cooked meal. I love food and how it brings people together. I would love to explore and experience the Taiwanese cuisine with the locals. I’m also looking forward to seeing the mountains and the coast.

treya1H: What has your Taiwanese American identity meant to you?

T: Growing up I lacked a strong sense of cultural identity and felt like an outsider to both the American and Asian circles. I spent the last few years trying to grasp what it means to be American. The US definitely has room for improvement when it comes to racial equality but I find it beautiful that this country is constructed by such a diverse combination of cultures.

Honestly I don’t know much about Taiwan and that is the next step. I’m at the point where looking at my heritage is important in moving forward and growing as a person. The Taiwanese Americans I have recently been reaching out to have been very warm and welcoming. For this I am grateful and excited to continue going down this path.

H: Well, I can reassure you that there are many in the community who will support you through this journey. And speaking on behalf of, we’re so pleased to meet you and see where you go from here. No doubt, some amazing places with a voice like yours.

T: Ah thank you, that’s very kind!


Treya has upcoming shows in LA and NYC. Be sure to catch her at one of these performances if you’re in the area:

NYC show: “Amazing Presents…”
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 @ 8pm at Passenger Bar, 229 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY

LA show: “The Byrd Sessions”
Sunday, July 5, 2015 @ 8pm at a private rooftop in Los Angeles, CA


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