Taiwanese American Research Participation Opportunity

Korey Watkins, a doctoral candidate at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, is conducting his dissertation research with Taiwanese-American parents to develop an initial understanding of how parenting beliefs are expressed by Taiwanese American parents. Having this understanding will help those working with Taiwanese American parents and families to provide more effective services that are sensitive to the unique strengths, challenges, and needs of the Taiwanese American culture.

You are able to participate in this study, if: (a) You are Taiwanese-American (b) You are fluent in English, and (c) You are the biological parents of a child or adolescent who is currently between the ages of two and seventeen.  Participants DO NOT need to be a particular generation, and all generations are welcomed to participate.  In addition, participant partners DO NOT need to be Taiwanese American.

Your role as a participant in this study would involve completing a brief demographic form and to participating in an interview.  The questions are not meant to invade your privacy or to be the source of judgment of any kind.  You are free to answer or not answer questions based on your comfort level.  I am seeking an accurate and comprehensive understanding of what your experience as a parent is like, and how your exposure to two different cultures has influenced this.

Participation involves an interview in person or on the phone, and follow-up communication (perhaps additional questions for further clarification).  Interviews can be conducted at a place of your choosing, either a public location or within your home.  Completion of the demographics from and participation in the interview will take approximately one hour per participant.

In addition to helping those who provide services to the Taiwanese American community, participants will also qualify for a chance to win one of two $50 gift cards/certificates to a store of their choice.  A drawing will be held when the last interview has been completed and winning participants will be contacted by telephone.  In addition to this, participants will also receive an advanced report of the study results, which will demonstrate the value of their time and commitment.

Confidentiality is guaranteed within the limits of Illinois law.  All consent forms and other forms of data will be protected and only the principal investigator, Korey Watkins, will have access.  Your name will in no way be associated with your answers in any private or public report of the results.

If you are interested in this research project, or if you have any additional questions or concerns about this study or rights as a participant, please feel free to contact Korey by telephone (217-553-9331) or email (kwatkins@my.adler.edu).

4 Responses to “Taiwanese American Research Participation Opportunity”

  1. Joanna Chen Bryant

    I am Taiwanese American and fluent in English. My husband and I adopted 2 children from Taiwan. James is currently 6 yo and Deborah is 4 yo. We adopted them when they were 8-9 months old, respectively. Would I be eligible to participate in this study, even though we are not our children’s biological parents?

  2. Pamela Hung

    Hi Joanna,
    I’m not entirely sure but you should definitely reach out to Korey Watkins, the principal investigator, at kwatkins@my.adler.edu – he would have an answer.

  3. Korey Watkins

    Good morning Joanna. I appreciate your interest in my research. At the present time, the inclusion criteria requires participants to be the biological parent of the child. However, this might change in the future, and if it does I will certainly contact you. Thank you.


  4. Korey Watkins

    Good afternoon everyone! I am still recruiting participants. If you would like to be part of this worthwhile research, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding participating or any other aspect of the research, please feel free to comment here or email me direct at kwatkins@my.adler.edu

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