"100 Days" Screens at New York's Asian American Film Festival

Date: Friday, August 1, 2014
Time: 7:30pm
Location: City Cinema Village East
Address: 189 2nd Ave, New York, NY
Website: http://aaiff.org/2014/films/100-days/

The 2014 Asian American International Film Festival proudly presents Director Henry Chan’s film, “100 Days” (真愛100天), which was shot in Taiwan! Head out to NYC to watch this comedic film!

Duration: 104 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese with English subtitles

How does one change the path of life within 100 days? Like, by getting married. Bo Dan, a cold-hearted telecom executive returns to the Matsu Islands for his mother’s burial and knocks into such an unfamiliar tradition: get married in 100 days in order for the parent’s spirit to depart peacefully. Stranded by the typhoon in his long estranged hometown, Bo is forced to rethink his calloused corporate life, and face the rekindled passion for his now-engaged childhood sweetheart. The debut feature by Emmy-winning TV director Henry Chan, 100 DAYS successfully integrates local Taiwanese flavors and deeply felt homecoming revelations to its rom-com finesse.

Director’s Bio
Henry F. Chan is an American film and television director. At the beginning of his career, Chan won a Primetime Emmy Award for editing THE COSBY SHOW in 1986. He has directed episodes of — GROWING UP FISHER, THE NEIGHBORS, WHITNEY, DON’T TRUST THE B…IN APT.23, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, LET’S STAY TOGETHER, KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL and a few other series. In 2003, Chan directed his first film GAS starring Flex Alexander and Khalil Kain. 100 DAYS was Chan’s first Mandarin-language feature film.

Check out TaiwaneseAmerican.org’s interview with the film’s producer and screenwriter, Weiko Lin:

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