An Evening with TAP-Seattle at Northwest Sinfonietta

Date: Friday, May 16, 2014
Time: 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Location: Benaroya Hall
Address: 200 University Street, Seattle, WA
Facebook event page:
Ticket Information: Please contact for special discounted $20 tickets

Join TAP-Seattle for an evening with the Northwest Sinfonietta! As lead-in to next year’s 2015 NW Sinfonietta concert, “Taiwan Connection,” NW Sinfonietta is including a special performance of “Remembrance (思想起),” composed by prominent Taiwanese composer Gordon Shi-Wen Chin in their Beethoven Violin Concerto program. They are also offering heavily discounted tickets to the event for the Taiwanese-American community.

Notes from the Composer, Gordon Chin

‘Remembrance’ is a folk song originated in the southern tip of Taiwan, some references mentioned it is likely from an aboriginal source. The lyrics and the melody expresses a deep sense of homesickness. When I was a child it is a tune I heard countless times through the broadcast of a train that I rode ninety-minute each way biweekly to take the piano lesson. The tune ever since stuck with me and even magnified its intensity of yearning after I set off to abroad to study when I was Thirteen years old.

Although I did use the whole tune for this Fantasy, and I am sure people who are familiar with the tune will undoubtedly recognize it, but at the same time they will find it in a rather strange environment. It has an aged quality to it, like seabirds crying while flying low under the gloomy sky, or like an ancient wind disturbing the shadow of trees on a window in a cold night, or willfully the tune stubbornly grabbing one’s past while teasing it, and left one sobbing for a tune sung too quietly, and ended too early.

When I was composing this work, I witnessed the Sunflower Student Movement in Taiwan, and subsequently the KMT government’s bloody crackdown. This is the reason why you will hear some unsettled, unwanted and probably misplaced sound of fury, frustration in the work.

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