Apply to the 2014 Formosa Foundation Ambassador Program

The Formosa Foundation offers three factors critical to social movements: political opportunity, organizational capacity and framing ability. Through its Ambassador Program the Foundation offers the best hands-on training for students to develop grassroots and campaign skills and to become leaders.

The Ambassador Program combines in-house training with on-the-ground activist work. Participants in the Program develop the expertise, analytical framework, and network they need to effectively promote Taiwan. Up-and-coming activists can learn about the issues affecting Taiwan first-hand.

The 2014 Ambassador Program will take place in Washington D.C. June 16-27

Download the U.S. announcement and Taiwan announcement. The Formosa Foundation will provide for participants’ training, workshops and lodging for the duration of the Program. Participants are responsible for their own meals and travel expenses.

Applications for the 2014 Ambassador Program are now available online. Application deadline is April 11, 2014. Visit the Formosan Foundation website for more info and to download applications:

The Formosa Foundation seeks to preserve the American values of democracy and human rights through broadened involvement of future leaders in the making of U.S. policy. The Ambassador Program uses U.S. foreign policies on Taiwan and China as case studies to provide participants with opportunities to:

– Understand the intricacies of U.S. foreign policy making and its impact;
– Gain insight from experienced professionals on the art of advocacy;
– Acquire skills to effectively present views to policy makers, media and the public.

The Ambassador Program is a unique training program of its kind. We recruit students from the United States and Taiwan, who will work together to help develop a closer relationship between the U.S. and Taiwan. The Program provides opportunities to meet with United States Congressmen and Senators to discuss U.S. policies toward Taiwan.

The Ambassador Program has demonstrated results from participants that extends beyond the two-week program. The Program prepares tomorrow’s leaders towards building a pro-Taiwan community on and beyond the college campus. These congressional visits put Taiwan on the forefront of America’s political agenda, and change the hearts and minds of American policy makers about Taiwan.

The Program is designed primarily for recent college graduate or current college and/or graduate students who support the advancement of human rights, democracy and the right of self-determination for the people of Taiwan. Selection criteria include academic excellence, extracurricular activities, participation in community affairs, and interest in promoting U.S.-Taiwan relations.

Up to 30 applicants will be selected for the 2014 Program, including up to 8 to be recruited from Taiwan and outside of the U.S. Applicant can be US and Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or Taiwanese national. Those selected as 2014 Ambassadors will be notified April 30, 2014.

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