Film Review: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? is Taiwanese American writer-director Arvin Chen’s second feature film. His first feature, Au Revoir Taipei, was a whimsical romantic comedy packed with antics and an endearing spree around the city of Taipei. WYSLMT takes on a much heavier subject, with reflections on the dilemmas faced by gay communities in Asian culture.

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The main character Weichung (Richie Jen) finds himself questioning his sexuality and his traditional married life when on the one hand, his wife is pressuring him to have a second child, and on the other, a chance encounter with a friend from his gay past is causing him to reconsider his whole lifestyle.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? lacks the slapstick comedy of Au Revoir Taipei but still strikes a lovely balance between drama and whimsy, with a buoyant soundtrack and dream-like sequences: a man floats away holding an umbrella, and later, Korean soap star pops out of the TV screen to counsel Weichun’s sister Mandy through a breakup (speaking to her in Korean, all the while). Nothing about the film is too extreme. It’s not hilarious, nor is it passionate. But it does convey the feeling of being stuck, and it all culminates in a perfectly balanced ending. It avoids the “happily ever after” but offers instead the notion that you might not get what you plan for in life, but it will somehow be okay.

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