Call for Papers – North American Taiwan Studies Association 20th Anniversary Conference

Hello Taiwan Scholars! Take part in NATSA’s 20th anniversary conference taking place in June 2014.

Main theme: The Zeitgeists of Taiwan: Looking Back, Moving Forward.

Deadlines and Dates at a Glance:

January 10, 2014: Individual Paper and Panel Proposal Submissions Due
January 10, 2014: Polished Drafts Due (only for our Publication Peer Review Option)
March 7, 2014: Notification of Acceptances
May 11, 2014: Submission Deadline for Full, Final Conference Draft of All Papers
June 20-21, 2014: 20th Anniversary Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

Submit your abstract now! Read more here:

From the NATSA website:

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA), we invite paper proposals from scholars in the humanities and social sciences for our June 20-21 anniversary conference to be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sponsored by Academia Sinica’s Institute of Taiwan History and Institute of Sociology and by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s East Asian Legal Studies Center and Center for East Asian Studies, the theme for our 2014 conference will be “The Zeitgeists of Taiwan: Looking Back, Moving Forward.” We are calling for papers on the main theme or any of our seven sub-themes from a broad range of social science and humanities disciplines. We are especially excited to offer a new Publication Peer-Review Option to participating junior scholars who may be interested in honing their original articles on Taiwan for publication.

In German, “zeitgeist” means something along the lines of time’s ghost or spirit. By using “zeitgeists” in the plural form for this year’s conference theme, however, we suggest that these feelings are particular not only to different historical ages, but also to different people within the same period.

In this way, while zeitgeists may parallel Raymond Williams’ “structure of feelings” concept, we also aim to push beyond it by paying attention to people’s agency and the interactive relationships among different “zeitgeists” under the same “age.” Time, in this sense, is infused with the social and tied directly to the very people, their political and economic decisions, and their works of art and literature that we study. Zeitgeists are time infused with the social, the philosophical, and the political.

We therefore call for papers that pay attention to the multiple, complex ties between people and their actions on the one hand, and time or times on the other. Though time is often thought of as the disciplinary turf of History or Archaeology, here we solicit new ways of addressing time from a wide variety of disciplines and from across disciplinary boundaries as well. Submissions might incorporate questions of time into, for instance, the policy choices that government and civil society face in the context of Taiwan’s democratic transition, its demographic changes, its shifting international identity and foreign policy, its increasing role in addressing global issues, and its adjustments to changes in trade and security relations in its neighborhood. More broadly, we welcome papers dealing with time both synchronically and diachronically, with Taiwan by itself or in comparison to other places in East Asia, Southeast Asia, or elsewhere at similar times.

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  1. wakamatsu michinori

    Hi, My name is Michinori Wakamatsu and I am from Japan. I did MA Taiwan Studies at SOAS, London University and I am currently studying for my first year PhD at East Asian Studies Department in Sheffield University in the UK. My PhD research deals with Japan-Taiwan security relations since the missile crisis in the Taiwan Strait. I am interested in communicating with people from Taiwan with similar interests and I am also interested in such an event. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Please visit their conference website and contact their organizers directly. Thank you.

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