Taiwan Discussion in NY

Date: Saturday, November 9, 2013
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Manhattan, NY
Address: New York, NY
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/715462371814863/

Young Taiwanese who grew up during the democratic era have a different view from the older generation who see with different eyes due to the hardships that they have endured. Sometimes these difference in views can lead to conflict but often times, others’ experiences can shed light on our own beliefs. This informal discussion is to start a communication channel between the older and younger generation for mutual understanding of the UN for Taiwan/Keep Taiwan Free movement. This event is not only open to those who organized/participated in this year’s rally, but is open to the general public. If you have a topic you would to raise for discussion, please message the Facebook coordinator for it to be added to the list. The topics we currently have up for discussion include:

-Current social and political events in Taiwan
-What is your greatest concern (e.g., food contamination, economic situation, judicial system, sovereignty, etc.) in regards to Taiwan?
-Why should those who are neutral or politically apathetic be concerned about Taiwan?
-How does Taiwan’s future affect US hegemony and the world?
-Why would UN for Taiwan identified as a party movement discourage youth from participating?
-How can we do the UN for Taiwan rally differently next year?

Exact location is TBD but will be in Manhattan.

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