Merry Mandarin Thanksgiving with TAP in SF

Date: Friday, November 22, 2013
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Joy Restaurant
Address: 1489 Beach Park Blvd, Foster City, CA

This Thanksgiving, speak Mandarin and dine Taiwanese with Taiwanese American Professionals – San Francisco (TAP-SF)! We will be swapping out the turkey for tasty Asian entrees at Joy Restaurant in Foster City. Carpools can be arranged. (Link below)

Dig into mouth-watering entrees like savory pork with beans (川味回鍋肉) and lamb smothered in satay sauce (臺式沙茶羊). Plus, per member request, we’re giving you the opportunity to practice your Mandarin skills! All participants are encouraged to speak in Chinese (but not mandatory).

Fish head with tofu soup in clay pot – 砂鍋連魚頭
Three cup Chicken – 三杯雞腿肉
Lamb with satay sauce (Taiwanese style) – 臺式沙茶羊
Stir fried pork with squid and bean curd – 客家小炒
Twice cooked slices pork w/ bean curd – 川味回鍋肉
Sizzling tofu platter – 鐵板豆腐
Stir fry Vegetable – 炒青菜
Ground pork ball in clay pat – 砂鍋獅子頭
Shredded pork w/ rice noodle (Taiwanese style) – 台式炒米粉

Early bird special is on right now! Get your ticket here:

Early Bird: $13
Regular Pricing: $15

This is the perfect chance to sample new restaurants and practice your Mandarin skills! Any questions, email Culture Chair Tai Chen at

This event kicks off our Asian Dinner Series, an ongoing cultural event that takes TAP members on an tour of tasty restaurants in the SF Bay Area.

Need a ride? Sign up on our carpool list:

– Each table will be between 7 – 11 people
– Sorry, no cancellation
– Ticket transfer is allowed; however, please notice event host before 11/20/13
– Late for longer than 30 minutes is considered as no-show

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