Learning Taiwanese with TAP in LA

Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Taiwanese American Chamber
Address: 1045 E Valley Blvd #A211, San Gabriel, CA
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/487599284622840

Come join Taiwanese American Professionals – Los Angeles (TAP-LA) for an introduction to the Taiwanese language!

Workshop Content:
1. Phonetics/romanization in Pehoeji and Tongiong Pingim: How to pronounce consonants and endings based on spellings,
2. The 8 tones in Hokkien/Taiwanese,
3. Tone-Changing Rules (sandhi) for Taiwanese to practice in class. A poem and kinship terms will be reviewed for text examples.

BONUS: Learn how to say your name in Taiwanese (Pehoeji romanization)? Bring your name in written characters to the workshop.

Taiwanese Hokkien, commonly known as Taiwanese, is the Hokkien dialect of Min Nan as spoken by about 70% of the population of Taiwan.

The largest ethnic group in Taiwan, for which Hokkien is considered a native language, is known as Hoklo or Holo (Ho-lo). The correspondence between language and ethnicity is generally true though not absolute, as some Hoklo speak Hokkien poorly while some non-Hoklo speak Hokkien fluently.

Taiwanese Hokkien is generally similar to Amoy. Minor differences only occur in terms of vocabulary. Like Amoy, Taiwanese Hokkien is based on a mixture of Zhangzhou and Quanzhou speech. Due to the mass popularity of Hokkien entertainment media from Taiwan, Taiwanese Hokkien has grown to become the more influential Hokkien dialect of Min Nan, especially after 1980s. Along with Amoy, the Taiwanese prestige dialect (based on the Tai-lam variant) is regarded as ‘standard Hokkien’.

For more info & to RSVP, contact: Julie Chao, TAP-LA President (julie.chao@tap-la.org) or David L Chen, TACC-LA Board Member (liwei1015@gmail.com)

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