Commemorate 228 by Changing Your Facebook Photo

The Formosan Association for Public Affairs’ Young Professionals Group (FAPA-YPG) invites you to join in on this online community commemoration by temporarily changing your Facebook profile and cover photo.

On 2/28 we remember those whose lives were lost during the 228 Massacre and the 38 years of martial law that followed. Set as a national day of peace in Taiwan, we pay homage to those who spoke out for democratic reform and human rights, and vow to continue working for the land that we love.

Let this be a day of reflection, unity, and hope.



FAPA-YPG invites you to commemorate 228 and spread awareness about Taiwan and the challenges that she continues to face. Please participate with the following steps:

1. change your cover and profile photo posted below (files also available here:
2. post about 228 in your facebook status
3. tell your friends and family about Taiwan and 228
4. do something special to remember the people who gave their lives for Taiwan: fast, read, write something here, or watch a video. Be creative.



1. 將以下圖片設定為大頭照及封面照片(亦可點此連結取得圖片檔案:
2. 在塗鴉牆上分享有關228的資訊
3. 和親朋好友左鄰右舍訴說228的故事
4. 進行特別的紀念活動:禁食,閱讀,寫作,看一部紀錄短片,總而言之,發揮你的創意,並請與大家分享!

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