Jeremy Lin: The Musical (a Journey to LinSanity)

Dates: October 26-27, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Location: Phoenix Theatre Annex
Address: 414 Mason St, San Francisco, CA
$15 @ the door!

It’s an original musical celebrating our very own basketball hero’s extraordinary journey. Jeremy Lin: The Musical is a broad bio mockumentary/musical parody, loosely based on the “true story” of Jeremy Lin’s journey to the NBA, through the cutthroat world of Ivy League academia and professional sports.

Featuring: Aidan Park, Addie Walters, Lisa Marie Newton, Sharae Honeycutt, Hilary Little, Ana Parsons, Edelyn Okano, Daniel May, Leah Rose and Leslie Murphy.

Featuring: The Baxter Weinapple Band! An hour of all original music. Fusion of Jazz, Blues and Swing. With Bobby Weinapple, Josh Baxter, Adam Cavan.

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