Join TACL in Learning Taiwanese with David Chen in LA

Date: Thursday, September 20, 2012
Time: 6:45pm
Location: TACC Office
Address: 1045 E. Valley Blvd, A211, San Gabriel, CA
Facebook event page:

Come join the Taiwanese American Citizens League and learn how to speak Taiwanese/Hokkien from David Chen at the TACC Office. He will introduce Taiwanese language tools such as Pehoeji (白話字) and Daighi Tongiong Pingim (台語通用拼音).

David Chen will also introduce good resources available such as the Maryknoll Taiwanese Dictionaries and Andrew Wu`s (吳崑松) Taiwanese dictionary (Taiwanese – Mandarin, entirely in traditional chinese characters) in both hardbound books and the android/iphone apps available to us.

He will disclose 6 basic and distinct tones used in Taiwanese to get by and how to recognize the tones. Depending on time we may also do numbers – how to count/say your age verses student number, telephone number, raffle number, year, etc.

We will also learn some variations in certain Taiwanese words – Haikou speech and Yilan speech (two places in Taiwan with distinct Taiwanese speech). Then, we will learn how to say/spell your Taiwanese name in Pehoeji (POJ) and Daighi Tongiong Pingim (DT) based on your written Chinese name.

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