The Slants' Yellow Album Tour in the South


This summer, The Slants are touring nationwide while working on their fourth release. The Slants are the world’s first and only all-Asian American dance rock band. Whether melting faces at anime conventions or at your local venue, their bombastic live show is not to be missed.

This Oregon-based band combines the sounds of 80’s synth pop with fresh dance-punk melodies and style. Their name reclaims and celebrates the “slanted” eye as beautiful and something to be proud of and they are redefining the unlimited three-dimensionality of the Asian American body with each show they kill. While they are clearly about the music, they also hold social agendas that make this unique band a group to look up to.

What originated as a side project for Taiwanese American Simon Young (of The Stivs) in 2007 proved to be one of the most energetic and contagious movements of music in our time.

Dates and Locations
7/20 – Tulsa, OK, 12:00pm
Tokyo in Tulsa, 616 W. Seventh Street, Tulsa, OK
7/21 – Tulsa, OK, 12:00pm
Tokyo in Tulsa, 616 W. Seventh Street, Tulsa, OK
7/22 – Austin, TX
7/23 – New Orleans, LA
7/24 – Birmingham, AL, 10:00pm
The Nick, Birmingham, AL
7/26 – Nashville, TN, 8:00pm
12th & Porter, 114 12th Ave N, Nashville, TN
8/10 – San Antonio, TX, 10:00am
San Japan at the HBG Convenion Center, 600 E. Market Place, San Antonio, TX
8/11 – San Antonio, TX
8/12 – San Antonio, TX

New Music Video: “You Make Me Alive” interviews The Slants

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