Join Passport to Taiwan at “The Street Fair” in NY

Date: Sunday, May 27, 2012
Time: 11:00am
Address: 84 st & Broadway, NY, NY (Upper West Side)
Facebook event page:

Can’t get enough of the Passport to Taiwan Festival? We are bringing part of the festival to the street! Come visit us on 5/27 on Upper West side, 84 St & Broadway.

These are some of the Activities at the Fair:
Oil Paint Hakka Paper Umbrellas & Hakka Ornamental Patches by Kung, Yi-Fang 彩繪紙傘
Dragon’s Beard Candy & Origami by Huang, Shi-Yao 龍鬚糖
Lucky Bag & Fragrant Sachets by Liao, Xue-Li 福袋與香包
Bamboo weaving by Lin, Hsien-Hua 竹編
Sugar Painting by Lo, Chun-Kai 畫糖
Dough Figurines by Wu, Chun-Te 捏麵人
Toy Chariot/Chopsticks Gun/Spinning Top Painting by Liang, Guo-Dong 古早童玩
Weaving DIY / Ornaments / Clay by Liang, Xiu-Juan
Land Crackers/Bamboo Cicadas / Bamboo Tops by Cheng, Yuan-Chih
This program is made possible by generous support from OCAC, Taiwan.
Craft-masters are members of the the Taiwan Lion Dancing Artistry Association (TLDAA)

These are some of the Food and Delicacies at the Fair:
A-Pou’s Taste Cart 阿婆的味道
Dracula Popsicle 豬血糕
Sausage 烤香腸
Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶
Shaved Ice 刨冰
Cold Drinks 冷飲

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