Dinner Dumplings with Lisa Lee – Co-founder of ThickDumplingSkin.com

TaiwaneseAmerican.org’s Ho Chie Tsai takes a dinner break with Lisa Lee, co-founder along with actress Lynn Chen of the website ThickDumplingSkin.com, to talk about Asian American community activism and her personal story of Taiwanese American identity.

Lisa previously served as the publisher of Hyphen Magazine and was also recognized by AngryAsianMan.com as one of 30 influential Asian Americans under the age of 30. In May 2011, she received San Francisco’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Award in the Emerging Leadership category.

Lisa, in addition to holding a full-time position at Facebook, spends much time supporting the Asian American community in the San Francisco Bay area. Her latest project, Thick Dumpling Skin, brings together the Asian American community and provides an online forum for people to share and discuss pressures revolving around our quest for the “perfect” body.

Check out Lisa’s personal story about her early struggles with body image, posted during the early launch of ThickDumplingSkin.com:


As an emerging and influential leader, we respect and admire the work she’s done. No doubt, she will be someone to watch through the years.

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