Introducing Alison Yeh, aka “yayAlison” – Our First Sponsored YouTube Musician

During the summer of 2011, a 17 year-old young lady named Alison Yeh from Sugar Land, TX, walked onto stage, sat at a piano, and sung her heart out, captivating an audience of hundreds at the Taiwanese American Foundation youth summer conference in Indiana.

Months later, many of our staff members, who also serve as counselors, advisors, and board members for this annual Midwestern camp, were sitting together in LA reminiscing about Alison’s performance of One Republic’s “Secrets” and another song that she covered called “Perfect Two.” Our conclusion? She was super-talented and definitely would be going places.

Somehow, our conversation fast-forwarded into the possibility of flying our young talented friend to LA so that we could professionally record some songs and videos for her if she was interested. With the help of our group members’ resources, we would bring aboard Turtlist Media, Seaglass Cinema, tafLabs, and producer friend Smashhitta to help us launch “Project YAY Alison.”

Fortunately for us, Alison loved the idea, and so the background planning and work began…

In a little over a month, seeds of ideas became reality, and a young lady with big dreams flew from Texas to LA for a whirlwind “working” weekend.

We now proudly present to you’s first sponsored artist on YouTube! We hope you enjoy Alison’s (aka “yayAlison”) beautiful singing and joyful spirit as much as we have, and hope you will extend your support as well. This is what building up community and supporting the next generation is all about. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned.

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