The Politics of Taiwan Recognition on CBS’ The Good Wife

On CBS’ The Good Wife, the “One China” issue is part of the storyline. Watch the October 30th episode online. Interesting discussion begins at about 5:15. On diplomatic immunity: “Taiwan is the only nation not accorded such rights.”

It’s nice to see Taiwan-US politics being introduced on mainstream media. Tell us what you think!


‘The Good Wife’ Season 3, Episode 6, ‘Affairs of State’: TV Recap
“Alicia, in the middle of a semi-tense conversation with her kids about what she does when they’re at Dad’s, gets a call from Will that, unfortunately, sends her not to his bed but to the crime scene. And, once there, she learns that the State Department’s “one China” policy means the U.S. doesn’t offer diplomatic immunity to citizens of Taiwan. So the Dutch kid is released, Alicia’s client is held.”

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  1. Taiwan must continued its fight for recognition cause it all requirement/ qualification, Taiwan indeed is independent country and not under Peoples Republic of China(communist state).

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