Taiwanese Youth Culture & Leadership Conference

Sponsored by the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission R.O.C. (Taiwan), the Taiwanese Youth Culture & Leadership Conference is a 3 day event held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston for youth aged 14-20 to explore issues of cultural identity and leadership.

Their program is designed to focus on experiential learning, role playing, and team building. Their mission is to increase the identification that Overseas Chinese Compatriots have with Taiwan, and through this process raise the next generation of leaders. They hope to accomplish this by sharing Chinese culture overseas, increasing the identification of second and third generation youth with Taiwan and Chinese culture, equipping young leaders to be summer teaching assistants, and developing leadership skills.

Dates and Locations include:
July 12-14: Houston
July 16-18: Chicago
July 24-26: Los Angeles
July 28-30: San Francisco/Sunnyvale

The programs are held at the Taipei Economic & Cultural Offices (TECO).

For more information and registration details, visit their website: http://ocac.knoviagroup.com/

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