Ambassadors of Taiwan Tea

During the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association 2011 Midwest Conference at Northwestern University,’s Esther Hou speaks with Thomas Shu and Josephine Pan, the ambassadors of Taiwan tea.

Shu and Pan share an appreciation of Taiwan through the culture of tea. Together, they bring their knowledge to people of all ages through workshops and even field trips to Taiwan. They are both originally from Hsin Chu, Taiwan, a town that produces Formosa Champagne Oolong, also known as Oriental Beauty, or, Pon Fon Cha.

Thomas Shu is a 3rd generation tea specialist from Taiwan, where his family has been conducting tea business for more than 60 yrs. He works with many major tea companies and premium tea importers from Asia, Europe, and the United States. With his proficient expertise and extensive knowledge in the industry, Thomas Shu has become one of the professional instructors for the World Tea Expo as well as a popular speaker at many conventions and educational institutes throughout the United States. In March 2007, Mr. Shu received an honorary title, “Ambassador of Taiwan Tea,” from Taiwan Tea Manufacturers’ Association in recognizing his dedication and contributions for tea industry. He is one of the founding members and board directors of American Premium Tea Institute, which is now known as Specialty Tea Institute.


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