Instant Noodles Crew on ABDC Season 6!

Taiwanese American guys who can dance?! Uh, yes please. Congratulations to b-boy group, Instant Noodles Crew for making it to Season 6 of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV! Representing both Taiwan and southern California, these guys are truly talented and inspirational, and we’re excited to see them go far on the show. Here are some videos from the crew for your viewing pleasure:

Can’t help but feel a little smitten by their sweet moves and quirky charm? All the more reason to watch and support them on the show! Be sure to visit their website, read all about them, and tune in to MTV to see them dance their hearts out. Season 6 of ABDC premieres on Thursday, April 7th, at 10/9c. We at will definitely be watching and cheering them on!

5 Responses to “Instant Noodles Crew on ABDC Season 6!”

  1. downtownTWAM

    first pic – @R23 alley, between e2nd and 3rd st next to little tokyo arts district.

    BOOM! JPSed

  2. AAAAMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGG! My fiance and I absolutely love you guys! You’re incredible! Don’t be bothered by D-trix and his rediculous vocabulary, and nonsense. You’re stunning the way you are, Instant Noodles! ;D Supporting you and only you all the way! 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. elizabeth

    i love u guys 😀 ur super awesome . Instant noodles all the way 😀 keeping doing what you guys do best 🙂 and thats dancing 😀

  4. YYAAA – Taipei American School Alumni. lol go Instant Noodles

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