Fascinoma Releases “Emergency Songs; Before, During, & After”

Singer-songwriter Alanna Lin, aka Fascinoma, recently finished a new album with her friend, Monk Turner. It’s actually a really cool concept album covering the theme of “The Big One” and the songs address normal life, disaster, and onward to new beginnings.

You can check out the whole album at http://fascinoma.bandcamp.com/album/emergency-songs

If you’d like to become what Alanna calls “an Emergency Patron,” you can donate $10 for the download.

I’m not sure if she’s serious about this part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she followed through: With enough help from concerned citizens, she’ll make copies to send to City Hall, perhaps even renting a helicopter to do the drop-off…

Anyways, take a listen. She’s got a great sound!

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