Conference at UC Berkeley – Mobile Horizons: Interactions Across the Taiwan Strait

Date/Time: Friday, March 4, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday, March 5, 9 am to 4 pm
Location: Heyns Room, The Faculty Club, UC Berkeley

Featured Speakers

Dr. Su Chi, Advisor to President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan

Dr. Yan Xuetong, a leading and influential political scientist at Tsinghua University, Beijing

Dr. Tien Hung-mao, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan

Dr. Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Professor of History at Georgetown University and at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

Conference Schedule:


8:45 Welcome Remarks

9:00 Tien Hung-mao, Institute of National Policy Research, Taiwan: Foundations of Cross-Strait Interactions

10:15-11:30 Panel 1 – Politicking
Shelley Rigger, Davidson College: Redefining “China:” From the China Inside to the China Outside
Yu-shan Wu, Academia Sinica and Lowell Dittmer, UC Berkeley, “What Drives the Cross-Strait Rapprochement? Political Competition, Globalization, and Strategic Triangle”

11:45 Panel 2 – Building Connections
Tom Gold, UC Berkeley, “Bridging a Mobile Horizon”
William Kirby, Harvard University “Global Business Across the Taiwan Strait: The Case of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited”

2:00 Panel 3 – Bonding
Sara Friedman, Indiana University: “Mobilizing Gender in Cross-Strait Marriages: Patrilineal Tensions, Care Work Expectations, and a Dependency Model of Marital Immigration”
Robert Weller, Boston University, “Religion and Secularization: The Dynamics of Region and Nation Across the Strait”
Penny Edwards, UC Berkeley, “South by Southwest: Political histories, cultural communities and economic ties crossing China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia”

4:00 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Su Chi, Presidential Advisor, Taiwan: Cross-Strait Relations: Overview and Prospects

5:00 Discussion

5:30 Adjourn


9:00 Panel 4 – Coastal Communities
Micah Muscolino, Georgetown University, “Underground at Sea: Fishing and Smuggling across the Taiwan Strait, 1970s-1990s”
Michael Szonyi, Harvard University, “Constructing Kinmen: Changing Cross-Strait relations and local society”

10:45 Panel 5 – Representations
Wen-hsin Yeh, UC Berkeley, A Quiet Revolution: The Writing of the History of Taiwan
Tim Weston, University of Colorado, Reporting the Other Side: The Expansion and Pluralization of Journalistic Coverage Across the Taiwan Strait

12:00 Lunch Break

1:00 Featured Speaker: Yan Xuetong, Tsinghua University, The Taiwan Issue and China-US Relations

2:30 General Commentator: Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Georgetown University

3:15 Wrap-up Discussions, chaired by Wen-hsin Yeh

4:00 Adjourn

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