A Video Recap: “My Taiwan Travelogues”

Join Ho Chie Tsai, the creator of TaiwaneseAmerican.org, as he wanders Taipei, Taiwan with a video camera in hand during a one week journey and exploration of the city and surrounding area. You’ll discover Taiwan through the eyes of a 2nd generation Taiwanese American who is a relative newcomer to this amazing vibrant city filled with delicious food, beautiful culture, and real urban life.

This travelogue is presented in a series of eight videos. Enjoy!

Part 1: Jetting to & Settling in Taipei

Part 2: Eating Our Way through Taipei

Part 3: Conversations & Comparisons

Part 4: Celebrity Status

Part 5: Taste of Taichung

Part 6: Capturing Life at Sun Moon Lake

Part 7: Reflections on Identity

Part 8: The Greatest Place

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos and features: http://www.youtube.com/taiwaneseamericanorg

3 Responses to “A Video Recap: “My Taiwan Travelogues””

  1. Ho Chie,
    I enjoyed your travelogue! You covered a lot of ground (and a lot of food) during your brief trip. BTW I met you at the SF Taiwanese American festival last weekend with Grace. Nice work here! PS There are some Taiwanese recipes on my site, if you’re curious or hungry. Best, Linda

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