Lantern Festival Night Market at Stanford University

Date: Sunday, February 20, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: I-Center courtyard, Stanford University
Facebook event page:

Do you miss the night market in Taiwan? Would you like to share some authentic Taiwanese street food with friends? Stanford Taiwanese Students Association is going to set up a booth in the Lantern Festival Night Market event.

The Lantern Festival is celebrated 15 days after the Lunar New Year where under the Full Moon, there will be a multitude of lanterns for the community to appreciate. It is also regarded as the East Asian version of St. Valentine’s Day. The Nightmarket event is a chance to showcase the many cultures that celebrate the Lantern Festival with food and performances. The many organizations involved will host booths that will either be selling food or leading an interactive event such as fortune telling or lantern decoration. During the festival, we will hang the lanterns around the courtyard to demonstrate the diversity and creativity of the community.

During the festivities of the Nightmarket, we will also have dance performances by the various cultural organizations and dance groups on campus. With the energy of this event, we hope that it instills further interest in the Asian community and strengthens the interactions between the organizations involved.

This event is being cosponsored by the Asian American Graduate Students Association (AAGSA), Asian American Students Association (AASA), Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS), Chinese Women Collective at Stanford (CWCS), Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA), Stanford Taiwanese Students Association (STSA), Stanford University Nikkei ( SUN ), Stanford Tzu Chi, and Undergraduate Chinese American Association (UCAA). These organizations represent graduate and undergraduate groups representing students from East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Asian Americans.

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