In the Studio with Singer-Songwriter Elisa Lin’s Ho Chie Tsai along with several staff members recently met up with singer-songwriter Elisa Lin at her recording studio in Taipei, Taiwan to chat about her musical career and background. Elisa is a Taiwan-born musician, producer and composer who grew up in Los Angeles and studied in New York City.

During the interview, Elisa recalls her early path to music and the influences around her, which eventually opened up opportunities to pursue her own musical career in Taiwan. In 2003, Elisa moved to Taiwan to work in the music industry before striking off on her own. Watch the video above as she gives us an impromptu preview performance of “Good to Me” –a song from her upcoming album that is currently in production.

Elisa has some amazing songs and music videos available from her self-produced 2009 debut Mandarin album, “I Am Not.” Check them out here:

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To purchase “I Am Not” in Taiwan, please go to:

To purchase “I Am Not” outside of Taiwan, please go to:

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