A Video and Interview with Sweet Sweet Alice Tong

We catch up with talented singer-songwriter Alice Tong on a rain-drizzled evening as she completes her recent west coast tour at Mama Buzz Cafe, an artsy hole-in-the-wall joint on the fringes of gritty downtown Oakland, CA. Even though it’s cool and brisk outside, she warms the souls of this intimate-sized crowd of fans with her rich beautiful voice.

TaiwaneseAmerican.org is pleased to share a video of one of her songs “Sweet Sweet” followed by a brief interview with Ho Chie Tsai.

Want to know more about this amazing woman? Revisit our Spotlight on Alice Tong from April 2010 in which we recount her journey over a year and a half: http://www.taiwaneseamerican.org/2010/04/27/in-step-with-alice-tong-prelude-to-progression/

Then be sure to visit her website and pick up one of her new CDs:

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