TaiwaneseCooking.com Brings You Recipes from a Taiwanese American Mom

NomNomNom! One look at this new website, TaiwaneseCooking.com, and you’ll start salivating! Brought to you by a Taiwanese American mother (and we suspect her tech-savvy daughter) who has been “cooking Taiwanese food in the United States since 1981,” this site features Taiwanese-inspired and traditional recipes to common street foods offered by Taiwanese night markets.

As the site explains, it is “dedicated to the reinvention of Taiwanese food on American soil. It is the story of an immigrant kitchen told through recipes adapted over the years and recreated with commonly available ingredients from the aisles of American grocery stores.”

We at TaiwaneseAmerican.org just love the tagline “Recipes from Formosa for Those Living Abroad.” Plus, we can’t wait to see what other recipes pop up and how the site expands! It’s like our tummies have been waiting for this scrumptious moment forever and are screaming “feed me! feed me!”

So what are you waiting for? Check out the site: http://taiwanesecooking.com/

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