Taiwanese American Documentary “Voices in the Clouds” Screens at San Diego Asian Film Festival

Voices in the Clouds (teaser) from Aaron Hosé on Vimeo.

Showtimes: Tuesday, Oct 26, 5:40 PM and Thursday, Oct 28, 5:20 PM
Location: UltraStar Theater, 7510 Hazard Center Drive, located off Friars Road at 163, San Diego, CA

Purchase tickets: http://sdaff.bside.com/2010/films/voicesintheclouds_sdaff2010_sdaff2010

Film website: http://www.voicesintheclouds.com

Run time: 77 min. | Taiwan | Language: English and Mandarin with English subtitles

Deep in her heart Tony Coolidge’s mother always had a desire to bring her family back to Taiwan to meet their relatives. Born to a Taiwanese mother and American soldier he’s never met, the gentle, soft spoken Tony was always bothered by the fact that his mother “made a concerted effort to shield (her children) from her culture and from her language” If there was to be a family reunion in Taiwan, Tony was going to have to be the one spearheading it.

Not long after graduating college Tony’s mother was handed a death sentence. After loosing her battle with cancer, her oldest son begins to delve deeper into his cultural heritage. After successfully organizing an international cultural and heritage celebration in the United States, a festival member invites him back to Taiwan.

With his wife and brother by his side, Tony embarks on a personal journey to his homeland where he soon discovers that his family are descendants of an indigenous tribal culture called the Atayal. After settling on the island of Taiwan over three thousand years ago, indigenous people now comprise less than 2% of the island’s population. Tony is so moved by the plight of his ancestors and a culture living on the brink of extinction that he gradually becomes a staunch advocate for his people.

We follow Tony as he traverses his native soil embracing each person he meets and every cultural breakthrough he encounters as a springboard to enlightenment. – Scott Marks

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