Recap of Taiwanese American Youth Summer Camps and a Donation Drive

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As summer comes to a close and students head back into the school year, it’s a great time to re-live the fun memories and thoughtful reflections from the various Taiwanese American youth camps & conferences all over the country.

I was lucky enough to travel to every major camp & conference between June and August 2010. If you’ve been following us on our FanPage or YouTube channel, then you may have seen some of these videos.

If you haven’t, take a break and check out the links below! It’s a nice glimpse into the heart of the Taiwanese American community where future leaders are nurtured.

Northern California’s TACL-LYF Camp:

The East Coast TANG Camp, in conjunction with TAC/EC:

A performance at the Southeast region’s SETAA Conference:

The Midwest’s week-long TAF Conference:

Southern California’s TACL-LID Camp:

On the topic of Taiwanese American youth camps:

On the launch of JTASA, a network of high school clubs:

As one who attended Taiwanese American youth summer camps during my formative years and who still remains active supporting them today, I know the value it provides in creating leaders for the future. For a child or teenager, nothing prepares them more for life’s challenges than first discovering a strong sense of identity, building the confidence to pursue their own personal passions, and connecting with a “family” of friends and mentors to support them through the rest of their life. In fact, many of our staff members around the country will say the same thing, and that’s what motivates them to return to camps & conferences each summer to serve as program directors, counselors, speakers and staff.

If you would like to help support these conferences and programs, your financial support would be greatly appreciated. Donate any sum through the button below, and will increase your donation by 20% (up to $500) and forward it to the organization behind the summer camp of your choice (During the last step of checkout, Click “Add special instructions” and specify TANG, TACL-LYF, SETAA, TAF, TACL-LID, or General Fund). So, if you donate $100, we’ll throw in an additional $20! Keep in mind that donations made through us are not (yet) tax-deductible, and most of these camps do have websites or sponsoring organizations where donations are tax-deductible, however our match will not apply.

So, that’s it for now! But, stay tuned for more announcements on our website as we launch our next project in September 2010 featuring “100 Student Leaders” of Taiwanese America, following the success of our “100 Passionate People” project:

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