Comic Artist Jerry Ma Wants You to Create an Asian Superhero

Taiwanese American comic artist Jerry Ma is taking part in The Sketchbook Project – a touring art exhibit comprised of multiple sketchbooks that will ultimately end up in the Brooklyn Art Library as part of their permanent gallery. His chosen theme is “Face in the crowd,” and he plans to fill his sketchbook with Asian Superheroes that he wants you to help create!

Jerry often tours schools & universities with his partners-in-crime Jeff Yang, Parry Shen and Keith Chow who helped to create the first Asian American superhero comic anthology, Secret Identities. If you’ve ever seen them in person, you’ll know this is similar to their “Build a Hero” workshop, where the audience creates the characters.

This is where YOU come in! He’s asking you, the reader, to come up with the original Asian American Superhero characters for this sketchbook project.

“I’m looking for characters with backgrounds that influence the type of character they have become. Think about where this character was born and how that affected him/her. How their environment effects the powers he/she may have. Being Asian American is a unique experience. And I think this is another great way to share our experience with others to give them a better understanding of who and what we’re all about.”

Every character chosen will be credited inside the book next to their character’s illustration, including the description that you’ve written. He will also mail print-outs and email you a file of the drawing for you to keep!

Send your character ideas to:

Read more details on his blog:

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